We do not offer your typical group classes. Group classes are only available to those clients who have completed at least three private lessons. However, clients will be most successful in our group classes after 6 lessons. 

Our group classes are designed to challenge you and your dogs! We put our hard work to the test and work in more distracting settings and situations.

We offer consults for a few different reasons or situations: 

*People who want to "try us out" before making up their mind. This may be a good way to decide if we are a "good fit" for each other before committing to a full package of lessons. 

*Clients who would prefer to buy sessions one by one may also purchase "consults" instead of our package option. This way, you may continue your lessons only as needed. You will never feel as though you have paid for a lesson you may not need or use. 

*We as trainers will sometimes recommend a consult to a particular client where a full set of lessons may not be necessary. The most common example of this is a client who does NOT desire training, but whose ONLY issue is residual potty training (this issue can be handled in a consult discussion and does not require "training"). 

$150 for up to an hour at the training facility 

$205 for up to an hour home visit 

*includes follow up via text, email, or phone call as needed for some issues 

Lessons are bought in packages of 3 for a few reasons: 

*This makes payment financially easier for most clients 

*This also allows us training flexibility if desired (change of location, privates to groups, etc) 

Most clients end up completing 6 private lessons and are extremely happy! 

*Group classes are done after at least 3 private lessons are completed. 

$150 for 3 one hour group sessions 

$315 for 3 lessons at the training facility 

$480 for 3 home visits 

*lessons are one hour each 

Private lessons will always be a customized training program for you and your dog! 

You will get one-on-one attention with either Jenn or Liz. We will customize the training to your personal training style, goals, and desired outcome. 

Use the contact page to inquire about scheduling lessons. We will make every effort to work with your busy schedule! We work 7 days a week! 

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Learn basic, advanced, and trick dog obedience in a variety of group classes. Classes are capped at 4 dogs so everybody still gets lots of one-on-one attention.