Jennifer is the owner and operator, but most importantly...a trainer! She has personally worked with over 1000 clients since starting Follow My Lead in 2015.  

Jennifer has her Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science from UC Davis. She graduated with a Companion Animal Specialization and a Behavior Emphasis. 

Jennifer is a puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence. So far, she has a 100% graduation rate on the dogs she has trained.  CCI trains and places highly skilled assistance dogs for people with disabilities free of charge. 

Jennifer has been a trainer and mentor for other trainers since her graduation from UC Davis in 2013. She has successfully taught hundreds of dogs in group classes and private lessons. 

Jennifer is well versed in several different training styles, methods, and techniques. Jennifer is always willing to personalize your training program. She will find a solution that works for you and your dog! 

Jennifer strives to not only teach your dog, but to teach you. Jennifer equips you to live happily with your dog even after training ends.  

Jennifer has a passion for animals, especially dogs.  She loves training pets and owners because it can lead to happier pets, happier owners, and happier lives.

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Liz joined the Follow My Lead team in 2018 as a trainer.

Her passion for dogs has led her on a journey from being a loving pet owner herself, to helping others build a loving relationship with their four legged friends.

Liz comes to Follow My Lead with some valuable, real-world experience.

She was accepted into the inaugural class of the Veterinary Specialty Assistant Program in Sorrento Valley.

Liz has also worked at doggy day cares in San Diego and Sacramento... she's seen all types of dogs!

In addition to being a trainer with us, Liz is very excited to take on her first puppy raising responsibility with Canine Companions for Independence. This is an 18 month commitment that is vital in the early stages of a dog's life.  These special dogs will eventually provide life changing services for people with disabilities.

Liz was mentored by Jennifer Wilinski, so you can be assured that all the same, successful training methods will be used to make you and your dog the best versions of yourselves.

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